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Silage Pits & Dairy Feed Pads

Silage Pits & Dairy Feed Pads

Supreme Site works construct dairy feed pads. These pads provide a facility for the supplementary feeding of cows. Farmers who use a dairy feed pad aim to maintain or increase the quality or quantity of milk production and avoid the deterioration of tracks or pastures.

Important aspects in the design and construction of a dairy feed pad are:

  • Safe and easy access for stock
  • Maintenance of animal health
  • Adequate working space for farm staff and their equipment
  • Storage of a range of feeds and easy access to them
  • Efficient feeding out system
  • Water supply
  • Farm Dairy Effluent (FDE) containment
  • Stormwater management
  • Shelter


Supreme Site Works can help you decide on the size and arrangement of the dairy feed pad required for your individual operations. The team can also help when it comes to constructing a silage pit on your farm.

Silage Pits

Supreme Site Works construct silage pits throughout the Southland region, working as far afield as Te Anau, and the Central Lakes District. Leachate from silage (including baleage) and compost is highly damaging if it gets into waterways. Infrastructure to collect and manage this leachate must be installed to comply with environmental regulations. Silage pits need to be sealed so that leachate from the silage is contained.

Supreme Site Works’ silage pits are designed to engineer specifications. They comprise three walls of pre-cast concrete and mesh, and a poured floor on heavy-duty steel mesh.

Dairy Underpasses

Supreme Site Works also construct dairy underpasses and have worked across Southland on dairy underpass projects.

Contact Supreme Site Works if you are interested in dairy feed pads, silage pits or dairy underpasses throughout the Southland region. We are more than happy to discuss your options in relation to your farm or dairy venture to ensure your concrete infrastructure will be more than adequate for years to come.

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